On July 16th, 1877, a petition from local selectors was sent to the Department of Education to open a school at Thalia, as there were in excess of forty children of school age needing a good education.(Most of those parents who put their names to the petition eventually senr their children to Corack). The settlers kept up their correspondence with the Department , urging for the establishment of the school at Thalia, which was to be situated near the "Three Mile Reserve" (Moore's Reserve). In September, 1878, after the site had been gazetted for six to eight months, the selectors wrote to their Member of Parliament to ask his help. The Department of Crown Lands and Survay had reserved the Crown land for the school on April 25th, 1878.In April 1879, applications were called for the position of Head Teacher at Thalia and there were two applications, from Miss Calre Edwards and Mr James Ryan. Miss Edwards was appointed to the position, but wrote to the Department that she would not be living on the premises, as she came from Corack and would be living at home. It was noted that, because of an oversight, the ventilators had been totally omitted from the building.

This was the original Thalia School 1879 - 1922. and was shifted to Corack North East
In 1882, because of a decline in pupil numbers, it was recommended that Schools 2146 and 2414 become part time schools. Mr Godfrey Morgan, the correspondent for the Donald Board of  Advice, No 273, urged the Department, in September 1882, to make the school full time.
In October 1883, the District Inspector wrote that only three families were in attendance, and the three Shepherd children could attend 2413 Thalia East, so there was no necessity to keep the school open.
In February, 1884, the school was still part time and eight children were in attendance, The Head Teacher, Mr O'Doherty, stated to the Department that there were seven miles between the two part time schools, and it was very hard work, so he wanted an extra travelling allowance, but his request was disallowed, as the Department said it was only five miles between the two schools.
A complaint was made in February, 1886, that the school needed painting, and the outhouses were being attacked by white ants. The tank and spouting repairs cost 1 pound 5 shilliongs
Only four children were attending in March, 1887 (three Moores and one Ryan) and Inspector Remmick instructed that the school should close, the building be locked and all records and requisites be removed to No. 2418.
In May, 1884, a letter from Wycheproof Board of Advice asked that the school be shifted to Teddywaddy.In November, 1882, the Inspector stated that the school was in a bad state of repair.
In March, 1889, a petition from district residents requested that the school be re-opened, and the Department of Public Works,in October, 1889, authorised the payment of 17 pound 4 shillings and 9 penceto Mr W H Fielding to repair the building.
In 1890 a verandah was erected for a cost of 4 pound; in 1892 a fence was erected around the school.
In 1895, the school was closed, because of the death of the teacher, and Mr John Currie wrote to Mr Taverner, M.L.A., to ask for his help to have a new teacher appointed.
In 1902, Mr A G Thomas, the Head Teacher, wanted the partition between the residence and the school removed, but, as usual, the bureaucrats were loath to move!

Thalia School 1902
Teacher. John Tilley. Back Row- Mart Ryan, Willie Kerr, Arthur Allan, Henry Cook, Gordon Allan, Archie Kerr, Phill Allan, Eddie Ryan.
                                Centre Row- Ethel Durie, Maggie Ryan, Amy Durie, Pheme Kerr, Polly Cook, Gertie Vaught, Lizzie Kerr
                                Front Row- Garnet Vaught, Pat Docherty.

Thalia School 1906
Teacher; Mr J Considine. Back Row-  Myra Allan, Maggie Ryan, Jim Durie, Ethel Durie, Willie Kerr, Polly Cook, Amy Durie, Mart Ryan, Mirian Kerr, Tom Kerr, Ida Allan, Gertie Wright.
Centre Row-  Mollie Allan, Dothery Barber, Garnet Vaught, Ruby Cook, Mick Ryan, Lizzie Kerr, Les LeLevre, Vera Allan, Jim Ryan, May Barber, Lila Vaught,
3rd Row-  Jenny Durie, Linda Ison, Ben Kerr, Pheme Durie, Jean Kerr, Charlie LeLevre, Lila Ison, Tilly Ryan.
Front Row-  Bob Ryan, W T Allan, Herb Cook.

In 1911, Mrs A.C.Durie, the school correspondent, wrote to the Department, urging them to repair the building, and renovations were made in 1912.
In 1922, the Public Works Department was authorised to sell the school buildings for removal, and the building was moved and became 4155 Corack North-East.
Mt Tom Kerr wrote to the Education Department in 1931, asking it to re-establish the Thalia school, The first approach met with refusal, as in the Department's opinion, there were not enough children, but in 1933 Mr Kerr was still urging for the re-opening of the school.
In 1933, the local residents paid for and built the school themselves, working under the direction of Mr Baker of Wycheproof. The school struggled on and was closed for a year, starting up again, and was eventually closed in 1942. The building was sold and bought by Mr Ben Kerr. This ended sixty-three years with various breaks, of education in the Thalia district.

2nd Thalia school 1934. Sitting- Joe O'Callaghan, Rex Kerr, Standing- Nancy Kerr, Margaret  Kerr, Doris Kerr, Lillian Kerr, Ron Cook, John Kerr, Ian Kerr, Peter O'Callaghan.

Thalia School 1933 or 1934
Back Row-  J O'Callaghan, Nancy Kerr, Peter O'Callaghan,  2nd Row-  John Kerr, Lilian Kerr, Margaret Kerr, Doris Kerr, Ian Kerr. Front Row- Rex Kerr, Ron Cook.