The residents of the district of Thalia North petitioned the Education Department to start a school. The Inspector reported that a permanent school could br established there, with at least 20 students, and the local Board of Advice, No 369 based at Wycheproof, recommended the establishment of the School No 3600 at Thalia North.
In 1907 Mr Robert Allan wrote to Mr Cullen, M.L.A., requesting the establishment of a State School at Thalia North. On June 1907, Mr Dooley (Head Teacher, Wycheproof S.S.) was asked by the State Education Department to report on the application for the Thalia North School. His report was favourable and a tender was let for the removal of a portable school on July 30,1907.
Only on rare occasions were there large number of pupils, but the school committee, by its persistence, saw education continue at Thalia North until March 3, 1947.
A contract for 100 pound 17 shillings was let for the removal of a building which had originally been Kooreh School No 3003, near StArnaud, and for its re-erection at Thalia North. The keys were left with Mr Allan in late 1908, and the school was ready at the beginning of the next year.

The Thalia North School, opened at the beginning of the school year,1909, with 21 pupils and Mr E M Bernoth as head teacher.
Mr Bernoth wrote to the Education Department asking that the grounds be fully fenced, as wandering cattle were causing trouble.
Parents were always active in school life, Maintaining the grounds and the buildings and supporting the school, and if they could not induce the Education Department to act on their request, they contacted their local Member of Parliament. In 1911, Mr G H Small was the official correspondent for the school, and he requested permission to have a door placed in the west wall following extreme heat wave conditions during November.
From the beginning, the school was a social centre, and in 1911, the parents of Thalia and Thalia North schools decided to combine for the school picnics, an arrangement which remained until Thalia closed in 1922.
At this time,too, the Thalia North parents committee asphalted the shelter shed and erected a tank. In 1914, parents requested permission to build a verandah on the west side of the school. World War 1 begins in August, 1914, and the children become involved in the war effort. White ants were also causing a problem.

On November 17,1933 Thalia North suffered a severe storm, and great damage was done to the school. On December 6, the correspondent, Mr Arthur Allan, wrote to the Department, reporting more storm damage on the 4th, and asking that a replacement building be considered.
On February 2nd, 1934, Miss M McLean reported that, after the wind damage in 1933, the school building was uninhabitable, and the lessons were being held in the dining room of Mr Gordon Allan's house. Repairs were then effected, costing 46 pound, and on June 17th., Miss McLean reported that pupils had moved back to the building.

School was held at Gordon Allans while repairs were done